Staples Music Parents Association

The Staples Music Parents Association (SMPA) is committed to creating a strong sense of community for our award-winning Staples Music program. Our mission is to assist the SHS Music Programs by subsidizing enhanced programming, and supporting the Music Department students and faculty.

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Music Programs!

Our goal is to support a wide range of programs, services and social events that enrich our students and the Staples Music experience. We cannot do this without support from the families and parents of the students involved.

We are hoping you will consider supporting our efforts through a

$75 per family membership fee, which is new for this year. We hope to help cover many of the expenses related to the music program with these funds. Membership is entirely optional, and no family is required to join.

Member Benefits:

       *FIRST ACCESS to Westport Pops tickets (YES... before they become                  available to anyone else)

       *Staples Music Phone Wallet & Sticker for Student

       *Emails with recorded concert links


Please consider becoming an official member of the Staples Music Parent Association. The SMPA is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that helps provide financial support and parent volunteers for the Staples Music program. 

Join or donate to the Staples Music Program by clicking the button above.

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Click on the link below for opportunities to help the SMPA and Staples Music Program this year. Being able to count on parent volunteers is critical to our success!

SMPA Leadership Team

President: Lauren Goodman 

Treasurer: Sue Rubin 

Band Reps: Lauren Goodman, Heidi McGee, Adrienne Tober

Orchestra Reps: Andrea Moore, Sue Rubin, Andrew Siegel, Daphne Dominique

Choir Reps: Gwen Baker, Lauren Barnett, Lori Church, Meredith Poster

Event Chairs:

       • Candlelight - Christie Stanger

       • Pops Concert - Lauren Goodman

For more info. about the SMPA contact Lauren Goodman 



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