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The Staples Music Parents Association (SMPA) is committed to fostering a strong sense of community within our award-winning Staples Music program between students, parents, our school and town. Our mission is to assist the SHS Music Programs by subsidizing enhanced programming, and supporting the Music Department students and faculty.

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Candlelight: It Takes a Village! 

A HUGE thank you to everyone who had a part in putting together this year's 83rd Candlelight Concerts:

Decorations: Million of thanks  to the team who beautifully decorated the auditorium and lobby for the Candlelight concerts - Joanna Mitchell, Karina Betfarhad, Bob Caporale, Mary Esser, Sue Herrmann, Deborah Hammarskjold, Jen Greely, Jennifer Kobetitsch, Vina Lillvis, and  Denise Nahmias. Thank you for bringing the festive spirit and sparkle!!!

Ad Sales: Thank you to our rock star team  Karina Betfarhad, Stacy Greiss, and Linda Mezzulo! You reached out to tons of businesses and created a beautiful set of ads!

Playbill Design: As always huge to Liz Shaffer - for creating and designing a beautiful playbill, poster and other million little things!

Rehearsal Dinners: Huge thanks Danielle Dobin Smith for ordering and distributing tasty and filling rehearsal dinners to our performers and teachers!

Dress Rehearsal Pizza: Huge thanks to Deborah Hammarskjold and Hank Mays for sponsoring Pizza dinner for the Candlelight Dress Rehearsal! 

Merch Team: Bob Caporale, Mousumi Gosh, Suzan Jo, Karina Betfarhad for designing and selling beautiful items to support Staples Music!

Auditorium Setup Help: huge thanks to Allison Wallmark for taking on this tricky task!!!


Thank you to all the board members of SMPA and volunteers for making this a successful Candlelight!  And of course to all our music teachers and performers for making this a memorable concert!

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SMPA Executive Board

Marina Evenstein: President 

Heather Lee: Treasurer

Karina Betfarhad

Danielle Dobin

Joan Gillman

Stacy Greiss

Jessica Hill

Susan Jo

Dan Sklar

Allison Wallmark

For more info. about the SMPA contact Marina Evenstein at


Donate to the SMPA

& Support Staples Music Programs!

Our goal is to support and enhance a wide range of programs, services and social events that enrich our students and the Staples Music experience. We do this through promoting parent and family involvement and participation, and providing volunteer support and funding. 

Parents with students enrolled in the Staples Music Program are automatically a member of the SMPA. We hope you will consider supporting our efforts though a suggested donation of $25 per family. With this support we will be able to continue to help enhance and enrich the Staples Music program to provide the highest quality and best musical education and experience possible for students.  

The SMPA is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that helps provide financial support and parent volunteers for the Staples Music program. 


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